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Where We Fish
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Every year our family goes commercial fishing in Naknek Alaska
where we catch high quality Bristol Bay Sockeye salmon.
(click here for a Google Map of Naknek Alaska)
photo of fishing boats
We catch the salmon with a set gill-net boat.
photo of fish in net
From there the salmon are put directly into slush ice for the 20-minute trip to the processor. The core temperature of the salmon does not rise above 37 degrees while in transit to the processing facility.
photo of sunset at Bristol Bay
At the FDA approved processing facility the salmon are filleted, de-boned, flash frozen, and vacuum-sealed. This process has a Marine Steward Council (MSC) Certification and our fish are all # 1 grade.
The fish are shipped to Seattle in freezer vans on board a container ship and are kept frozen the entire time.
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For more photos, please visit our Flickr accounts as noted below
*** 2009 Flickr Photostream ***
*** 2008 Flickr Photostream ***
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